Support when you need it most

Good communication is fundamental to the smooth running of your organisation. So when something changes unexpectedly, we can help maintain continuity.

We offer senior level communications support to cover those times when you have a gap in your team. It might be to fill in for staff absence, supporting your team through a period of transition, or simply holding the reins until a new manager arrives.

With flexible short-term contracts from a day a week up to full time, we can support you when you need it most.


Clear perspectives and fresh ideas

By using us as your fresh pair of eyes, we can help you get communications spot on, in good times and bad.

As your trusted advisors, we can develop useable strategies and plans that do more than sit on a shelf, craft and test key messages and create effective campaigns. Our work complements and bolsters the knowledge and skills within your business with fresh insights.


Get the best out of your communications and team

Sometimes the day to day demands of running a busy communications operation gets in the way of driving forward the innovation and development you want to see for your team and your organisation.

Our communications reviews are designed to help separate the wood from the trees and enable you to plan and develop for success.

Whether you are looking to completely change the way your organisation communicates or simply want to ensure your team’s continued development, a communications review gives you the impartial advice needed to plan and succeed.


The skills you need for success

Crossing your fingers and hoping for the best just won’t work when it comes to good communication.

We can help you prepare your people to become communications advocates. We use seasoned print, radio and TV journalists and communications professionals to provide a variety of training days that are tailored to your needs.

Our packages include:

  • Media Interview training
  • Getting the best out of your communications team
  • Social media training for on call directors, councillors and senior managers
  • Strategy development workshops
  • Content creation workshops